About Vargus and Associates, Inc.

Dear Friend and Neighbor,

Thank you for allowing me to speak with you about Vargus and Associates, Inc.

Vargus and Associates, Inc. was created to help senior citizens, retirees and their families survive and even prosper with our ever more-complicated economy.

Our aim is to give you information so you can avoid the disappointments and disasters which affect people simply because they didn’t know any better.

I founded Vargus and Associates when, as an insurance professional, I met many people who suffered financial hardships due to medical problems and the unncessary costs related to unfortunate financial decisions.

By training and educating our associates and sending them out into the world, we are reaching thousands of individuals whose quality of life will no longer be jeopardized due to complicated laws or incorrect information.

This is the goal of the Vargus and Associates, Inc. I sincerely hope we can be of assistance to you.

Daniel J. Vargus

President and Founder,

Vargus and Associates, Inc.