Certificate of Deposit Referral Service

The primary mission of the free Certificate of Deposit referral service is to generate good will between CD buyers and Vargus and Associates, Inc. The CD buyer is not obligated to purchase any other products or services in order to access this free CD referral service.

The CD referral service gathers information from many sources regarding traditional bank CDs from around the country, then shares this information with the CD buyers. Vargus and Associates, Inc. is not a bank and we do not receive any compensation from banks or CD buyers. Additionally, all of the banks recommended by Vargus and Associates, Inc. are FDIC insured.

Vargus and Associates, Inc. does not make any representations or promises regarding the financial strength or security of the banks it recommends. However, all of the banks Vargus and Associates, Inc. recommends are FDIC insured.

CDs may incur substantial interest penalty for early withdrawal. Annual Percentage Yields (APY) are effective as of the date of the publication.

All offerings are subject to change and availability.