How Much To Save Calculator

Use this tool to estimate how much you will need to save in today’s dollars to be able to withdraw what you want each month after retirement.

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Detailed instructions

Enter your current age, your current retirement asset balance, how much you’re saving each month and your anticipated retirement age. Then click the "Calculate" button to estimate your asset balance at retirement. Adjust the amount you save to change the amount you may be able to withdraw per month.

The form presets your asset earnings (shown in blue text in the form) at 4% above inflation each year, before and after retirement. Change the preset earning rate to the rate you anticipate for your types of assets.

The expected inflation rate (shown in blue text in the form) is preset at 3.4% yearly, the historical 93-year US average. Change that preset expected inflation rate to the average inflation rate you expect in the years before and after your retirement.


The calculated results are hypothetical and are not intended to represent your actual retirement asset balance or potential monthly withdrawal amount at retirement. A number of factors that cannot easily be calculated will strongly influence how much you are able to withdraw from your assets per month during retirement. For example, see the discussion of IRA Required Minimum Distributions, which are not included in the results shown by the calculator.

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