What Clients Say...

I am very happy with the company and the services offered.

— Mr. Klipstas

We have done most of our business with Dan Vargus. He is an outstanding individual who inspires confidence in his clients by treating them with respect and understanding. Our meetings with Dan have been pleasant, informative and productive.

— Mr. & Mrs. Lavelle

You provide a thorough and professional service. Tacoma is very lucky to have you.

— Mr. & Mrs. Stauffer

I think Mr. Vargus is kind, patient and knowledgeable. I would recommend him to friends.

— Mrs. J. Titus

Very friendly and professional office. We would recommend Vargus and Associates highly.

— Mr. & Mrs. D. Napoleone

All of our questions were answered in a way that we understood. We were very satisfied.

— Mr. & Mrs. M. Langer

Good job! I enjoyed my visit.

— Mr. B. Stevenson

Thanks Dan for your advice and honest opinions. I value your judgment.

— Mr. H. Throm

Your staff is great and very professional.

— Mr. V. Hurst

I really like Dan. He is so easy to talk to and he takes the time to make sure you understand everything. Dan treated me like I was the only customer on his schedule.

— Mr. T. Harkness

It was a delight to come into your office. Everybody is so pleasant and friendly, like they are happy to see me. I have been saying these things to several others already.

— Mrs. L. Risse

Your staff is very courteous and especially pleasant over the phone...this has been a good experience...

— Mr. & Mrs. W. Steuart

Your help from top to bottom are tops and very professional.

— Mr. & Mrs. J. Gaddey

We are very happy with Dan and all his associates.

— Mr. & Mrs. H. Rogers

We hope any future association to be as satisfactory as in the past.

— Mr. & Mrs. L. Wornell

Thanks for your work. Well done!

— Mr. A. Zorrilla

You have a wonderful staff.

— Boiler Makers Union Local 502

I found everyone at your office very pleasant on my visits and they were able to answer my questions.

— Ms. L. P. Swartz

...Vargus and Associates were very friendly and helpful. Much time was taken to explain the transaction.

— Ms. E. Stillwell

Our first and subsequent meetings were relaxing yet very professional.

— Mr. & Mrs. L. Wolfe

I would not hesitate to avail myself of your services in the future, nor would I hesitate to recommend you to others.

— Mrs. Virginia Leach

It was a pleasure doing business with you.

— Mr. & Mrs. O.S. Warp

Mr. Vargus and his staff represent the zenith of customer service. Mr. Vargus is extremely knowledgeable and can quickly reduce the complex to simple terms for immediate understanding by clients.

— Mr. & Mrs. Warren Hayes

We feel very confident with all the information and answers to our questions when speaking with Dan.

— Mr. & Mrs. Jack Deibert

We learned a lot about money investing that we previously didn't know.

— Mr. & Mrs. Jack Foust

They let you know about any questions that come up and you go out with a good understanding. Good people.

— Mr. & Mrs. Wilfred Carlson

Each time we came for a visit everyone was very friendly, very helpful. We were always able to get in on a moments notice. We are very happy with your service! If anything was ever wrong, it was corrected right away.

— Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Eider

After 20 years, I came back to do it again and I had a warm welcome. Things were explained to me, how to handle a situation financially and Dan took care of it. I sit back with no worry. That Sue is one in a million.

— Mary Errigo

I have been very happy in my relationship with Vargus & Associates. I will be doing business with you again soon.

— Carol Ringus

Thank you for answering all our questions with patience on a timely basis.

— Mr. & Mrs. Jerome D. Affeldt

I am inexperienced in investing so I am very glad I chose Vargus & Associates. After our talk I was very much at ease. Thank You.

— Donna Dover

Your service provides security. Glad we contacted you.

— Mr. & Mrs. Howard Kingsbury

Thank you, Dan for being so patient with us "old folks." You explalined everything so clearly that we are sure we did the right thing!

— James and Helen Wright